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Cavite Travel Information

The province of Cavite abounds with great objects, and subjects, of culture and history. It is the birthplace of a good number of Filipino heroes and it has an interesting range of sites associated with the Philippine Revolution of 1896. Found in the province is the residence of the first president of the republic, Emilio Aguinaldo, which is also the site where the Philippine Republic was proclaimed on June 12, 1898.

A province not constrained with living in the past, Cavite teems with natural resources and fantastic landscapes. It is home to Tagaytay City, the Philippines’ second summer capital, next to Baguio City. The accessing highway offers a breathtaking sight of the world-famous Taal formation, a crater within an island within a lake. Coconut groves dot the ridges of Tagaytay and classy accommodations give the visiting tourists the pleasures of relaxation, and at the same time, wide opportunities to enjoy the magnificent view of Taal.

Yet Cavite stands proudly as a place with a glorious past. Its warm and friendly people, whose ancestors fought for a noble cause, manifest industry and patience in various skills and professions, openly receptive to the entry and exchange of culture and technology that are of value to this wondrous province.

Cavite, the name of the province, is derived from "Kawit", a Tagalog word for "hook". This refers to the hook shaped land on Old Spanish maps. The land was known as "Tangway" where Spanish authorities evolved a fort from which the city of Cavite grew.

Archaeological evidence in the coastal areas of Cavite show prehistoric settlements. Folklore says that the earliest settlers of Cavite were from Borneo. In the 1600’s encomiendas or Spanish royal land grants were given in Cavite and Maragondon. The Jesuit priests who first came brought with them settlers from Mollucas. These settlers, known as Mardicas, settled on Ternate and Maragondon. Other settlements grew over the centuries and by the turn of the century Cavite towns were already trading with one another. Traditional industries began to thrive as Manila’s commerce grew. Cavite like other provinces of Southern Tagalog, began its involvement for reforms and later on revolution as its educated citizens began to assert themselves like many Filipino ilustrados of the time.

In 1872, Filipinos revolted against Spain. Three Filipino priests - Jose Burgos, Mariano Gomez and Jacinto Zamora - were implicated in the Cavite revolt in which 200 Filipinos rose in arms against the Spanish forces in the garrisons.

On August 28, 1896, when the Philippine Revolution against Spain broke out, Cavite became a bloody theatre of war. Led by Emilio Aguinaldo, Caviteños made surprise attracts on the Spanish headquarters and soon liberated the whole province. Aguinaldo directed the Revolution to its end: the proclamation of the first Republic in Asia, the Republic of the Philippines, on June 12, 1898 in Kawit.

Cavite and its people, what they are today, and what will be tomorrow, will remain with infinity, as a place with glorious history and a people fortified with strength to live and die for a worthy cause.

The historical province of Cavite is accessible from Manila by land (Buses leave every 30 minutes). Normal travel time to Cavite is approximately 20-30 minutes (if you are going to Bacoor, the closest town to Manila) or about 2 ½ half hours (to the farthest point).

By car, exit South Superhighway through Carmona or Sta. Rosa.

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