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Pryce Plaza Hotel

Pryce PlazaPryce Plaza, in Cagayan de Oro City has become a symbol of elegance and prosperity in this business city of Northern Mindanao.

VIP Hotel

VIP HotelThrough the years of continuous service, catering to the demands of the most delicate clientele at the heart of a fast-growing metropolis,

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Cagayan de Oro Travel Information

Misamis Oriental used to be a part of Cebu. In 1818, it became a "conregimento" comprised of 4 "partidos" or divisions; namely, Partido de MIsamis, Partido de Dapitan, Partido de Cagayan and Partido de Catarman.

During the latter part of the 19th century, Misamis was one of the 6 districts of Mindanao, and later, one of the seven districts in Mindanao and Sulu at the close of the Spanish era with Cagayan de Misamis, now Cagayan de Oro, as its capital. When it was still a part of the district of Cebu, there were 12 Spaniards and 9 Filipinos who successively served as "governadore" with Mayor Carabello as the first governor in 1874.

Legislative Act. No. 3537, approved in November 2, 1929, divided the province of Misamis into two provinces due to the lack of geographical contiguity: Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental. However, it was not until 10 years later that the division was implemented by an amendment, Act. No. 3777, adopted on November 28,1939. When Misamis Oriental became a separate province, Don Gregorio Pelaez was its first Governor. Since then, there were 14 past governors who were elected and appointed by operation of law.

The earliest known settlers of the territory were the Negritoes. Centuries later, Malay colonists with Mongoloid features, fought the natives for the control of the rich Cagayan River coastal plains. The struggle for possession has finally won the native Visayans over the Bukidnons. In the 1500´s most of the Mindanao area had fallen under the Muslim and the inhabitants were converted into Islam. As part of Mindanao, the people of the territory were obliged to pay tribute to the Muslim rule


Glema Stoneware

Located at Barangay Bulua; handcrafted home and office decors, household wares and giftables are available.

Palalan Waterfall

Situated some 7.0 kilometers from sitio Palalan, brgy. of Tablon. It is surrounded by boulders and stones dubbed by the city as Oro stone similar in characteristics with the Mangima Stone. It has 3 steps of falls at approximately 50 meters apart with the upper portion, ( the source ) , as the biggest of the three.

Migtugsok Falls

Monigue Cave

Located at Barangay Mambuaya this city; the cave entrance is flowing water from underground stream. The cave has a small opening that seems too narrow to be passable, it has a six (6) inches airspace between ceiling and water that you have to submerge yourselves one by one, equipped with a helmet and a waterproof cap lamp. The cave contains a beautiful sparkling formations which is called the CALCIUM CARBONATE (CaCO3) or CALCITES. These stalactites and stalagmites, white and brown, are sign of oxidized materials that take 50-60 years to form an inch. The cave is definitely spellbinding. There were formations of flowstones, gurpool-resembling rice terraces, transparent crystals and picturesque speleothems, such as cathedral drapes and icons. Everything was simply beautiful and awesome.

Huluga Cave

On the south end of the city, about eight kilometers south is Huluga Cave. Composed of two main caverns, it is situated on the eastern side of Cagayan River, along the brow of a vertical limestone cliff. The skeletal fragment from these caves were found to belong to a child and a woman who inhabited Cagayan 1,600 years B.C. This was based on the acid racemization done by Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California.

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